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Jenny has been a great sister to me, as well as one of my best friends. I regret so much for not spending more time with her before. Even though we didn't see each other that much in the past since were living in different cities, she had always called me to check on me, making sure that everything was alright with me. This says a lot of how a great person she was. I will never forget all the moments that we have shared together when we were children, the fighting, the laughs, the joy, the talks, everything. She has been a role model to me and still is. Even though she is not here among us, she will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. My biggest hope is to be able to see her again someday in the future, probably not here, but in a world full of happiness and joy... Jenny fue una gran hermana para mí, también una de mis mejores amigas. Arrepiento mucho de que no haya pasado mucho tiempo con ella antes. Aunque nosotras no nos veíamos muy frecuente en el pasado ya que vivíamos en ciudades distintas, ella siempre me llamaba para chequear que todo estuviera bien conmigo. Eso dice muchas cosas de lo bueno que ella fue. Nunca olvidaré esos momentos que hemos compartido juntas cuando éramos pequeñas, las peleas, las risas, las alegrías, las conversaciones, todo. Ella fue una persona ejemplar para mí, y todavía lo es. Aunque ella no está aquí entre nosotros, ella siempre estará en mi corazón y en mis pensamientos. Mi esperanza más grande es poder verla otra vez un día en el futuro, tal vez no aquí sino en un mundo lleno de felicidad y alegría...
Mary Low <>
Caracas, Venezuela - Sunday, March 10, 2002 at 03:14:37 (CST)
Jenny was a nice person, I love her ,she is adventourous and likes to try new things... She likes wine and coffee. She inspired me a lot. She is smart too... She is wonderful... She is a great cousin and a even better role model... I miss her very much... I wish she would come back... Then finally we will see her beautiful smile^_^
Raymond Cho <>
USA - Sunday, March 10, 2002 at 03:23:47 (CST)
No importa donde tu estes, siempre ocuparas una parte en mi corazon. Te confieso algo, cuando yo estaba pequena, mis padres solian decirme que yo deberia aprender de ti, since then... para mi tu has sido un modelo a seguir. Te admiraba y te sigo admirando y siempre te tendre en mi pensamiento. Although el tiempo que hemos pasado juntas no es mucho, es suficiente para darme cuenta que eres una persona extraordinaria. Valoro mucho lo que he aprendido de ti. Te quiero mucho... con amor, tu prima Tereza.
Tereza Pui Ling Lam Poon <>
San Jose , CA USA - Thursday, March 14, 2002 at 01:19:30 (CST)
I've never known a more considerate, energetic and supportive person than Jenny. She was among one of my closest friends. She never failed to listen, advise and support me any way she could. I've always known that I can depend on her during the tough times and the happy times. I've always said that she understood me well ?she even knew me better than I know myself. Odd, isn't it? That's because she put 110% in our friendship. No matter how busy she was with her family and her work, she always had time for her friends. I've considered myself fortunate to share many wonderful memories with you, Jenny. I will always remember your determination and generosity. Thanks for being such a great friend.
New York, NY USA - Monday, March 18, 2002 at 14:14:31 (CST)
Jenny was a great person and mostly a great friend. She was very caring and asked me how I was doing everytime I got to see her or talk to her on the phone. Even though I haven't known her for all my life or had a chance to see her everyday, I can tell that she's very caring which she expresses it in many different ways. It's so hard not to love her. Even though she is not with us this moment, she will always remain in our hearts and dreams watching over us. So don't think that she's gone because she isn't, she'll always be in our hearts and dreams watching over us and keeping us safe.
Karina <>
Bellerose, N.y. u.s.A. - Monday, March 18, 2002 at 16:05:52 (CST)
I think that everything that was written in this website is true. Jenny had helped many people. She is very smart. She is one of my role models. Her determination and knowledge had helped me a lot, it helped me to overcome the struggle that i went through in my mistakes. She is very special and exciting because she was very brave.
Alan Cheng <>
New York, NY USA - Monday, March 18, 2002 at 21:53:36 (CST)
I don't want to said how Jenny was, because I still feel that she is here. She will always be in my heart and my mind.
Tiffany Cho
Brooklyn, NY USA - Tuesday, March 19, 2002 at 23:26:48 (CST)
Mary, I want to extend my sincere condolences to you and your family for your loss of Jenny. I know only too well the pain you are going through after the terrorist attacks on America. You have done an outstanding job with the creation of this memorial site. I never met your sister but I am grateful for having been given the opportunity to read about her. She seems like such a wonderful person and it is so sad that she perished in the WTC disaster. Jenny reminds me a lot about my brother, David. He was also killed on September 11. They had so much in common. He too worked for Marsh on the 100th floor of WTC1. They were both 25 years old and already accomplished global citizens. My brother and I also used to sneak coffee into places like libraries and musicals. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your memories of Jenny. My best regards to your whole family. Yours truly, Patric Tengelin
Patric Tengelin <>
London, England - Friday, March 22, 2002 at 11:44:08 (CST)
When it comes to a description of Jenny, millions of thoughts come to my mind. There were many beautiful moments we had shared together, whether in or out of school. Although Jenny is physically gone, she will remain spritually in my heart, and in the hearts of all the people who know her. If there were one wish to be granted, however naive, I hope that we can meet somewhere, sometime, beyond!
Beverly B. Li <>
New York, NY USA - Friday, March 22, 2002 at 19:01:30 (CST)
Hello I am Raymond's cousin. Even though i didn't know Jenny that well, I can tell she is so respectful, smart, and loving. She is such a great role model. I see Raymond so sad, and it hurts me because seeing someone you love hurting inside hurts yourself at the same time. Well i have to go. God Bless America! Love you Raymond Courtney
USA - Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 15:44:40 (CST)
Jenny has enlightened me about the present and the future. In Jenny I saw more of the real world through her eyes and ears. Jenny and I had a silent understanding and appreciation of each other. Although they may have taken you from me on September 11th. Your spirit and courage will never die within me. To Jenny my dearest you are my oldest child. Eventhough it has been more than six months the pain will always be there because I miss you so much! Love always Leroy Cho.
Leroy Cho
USA - Friday, April 05, 2002 at 00:17:25 (CST)
Me pregunto ¿Como seria si todos tuviéramos una segunda oportunidad en esta vida? Y me consigo en un laberinto de preguntas y respuestas? ¿Que estarías haciendo en este instante? ¿Con quien estarías? ¿Nos sentiríamos tan triste? ¿De verdad es que no sabríamos, n? ¿Mmm como seria? Esa seria la pregunta a esta pregunta. ¿Y como podemos responder a esta pregunta? ¿Lo respondes por m? Lo que quiero decir es que todavía no me trago que hayas partido de este mundo, y si pudieras regresar hasta daría mi vida por ella porque yo se que la tuya significa más en este mundo para todos por ser tan buena hija, buena nieta, buena sobrina, buena hermana, buena amiga, buena prima, me siento muy orgulloso de ser primo tuyo aunque no estés con nosotros físicamente estarás en nuestra memorias para siempre?En este momento no puedo pensar en otra cosa, solo en el poco tiempo que compartimos juntos?De verdad que extraño mucho esos momentos. Quisiéramos poder experimentar de nuevo esos momentos contigo, pero no importa porque se que tu presencias siempre estar?acompañando nuestros lados. Bueno este año comenzaremos a celebrar tu cumpleaños con tu espíritu. Esta noche a las 11:59pm estaremos deseándote la mayor suerte y que seas feliz en el cielo? Solo quiero que sepas lo mucho que te queremos? Te amo Tu primo Johnny.
Johnny Lam <>
Caracas, DF Venezuela - Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 04:50:19 (CDT)
Many of us at the Market Information Group at Marsh really loved and cared for Jenny. She was a wonderful colleague and friend. We lost many colleagues on 9/11/01, but for many of us, Jenny was the most tragic and difficult to face. It is nearly one year since then, and I still miss her. She was one of those people at our work who was a true inspiration. She was so hard working, kind, supportive and giving of herself to everyone. She was the kind of person who would help anyone without any self interest. I endeavored to be a kind of mentor to Jenny at Marsh, but she learned so much from so many. We talked about everything from the industry to her CFA and MBA aspirations. But invariably, our conversations would wander to those things happening in the country and world and even philisophical issues. Often we would talk for nearly in hour, even in our busy schedules. I now cherish those conversations. She had such a tremendous appetite for so many areas of interest that I continued to be impressed. It is now the day before the one year anniversary of 9/11 and we are trying to wrap ourselves around many feelings. We spend many, many hours and days over many years with some colleagues, growing very fond of each other, and yet we do not propose to touch the grief and loss of loosing a father, mother, son, daughter, sister, brother, etc. Many of us, and no one more than myself, miss her and carry her memory with us everyday.
Pete Klein <>
New York, NY USA - Tuesday, September 10, 2002 at 22:16:44 (CDT)
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i miss you so much

Johnny Lam <>
Caracas, DF Venezuela - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 05:01:04 (CDT)
No conocía Jenny, pero me duele su desaparición, de la forma en que se dio, así como la desaparición de los miles que no volverán
Mariela Acon <>
Tibas, SJ Costa Rica - Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 13:28:48 (CDT)
siento muchisimo lo de tu hermana,de verdad,te hablo desde maracaibo venezuela,su historia me ha conmovido mucho y a la vez me ha gustado,fue una persona muy simpatica y muy activa y colaboradora con los demas,piensa que ella fue feliz asi como era,alla en el cielo seguira ayudando a todos los que se fueron con ella,a aceptar su realidad,me gustaria que me hicieras saber si recibiste este mensaje a esta direccion. recibe de mi un abrazo y un beso en muestra de solidaridad por odos los malos momentos que has pasado recordando a tu linda hermana.
yurima <>
venezuela, USA - Thursday, September 12, 2002 at 10:19:17 (CDT)
........its been a while since u left all the joy for us. u always take good care of all of us. u never give up anythin. u set up a good example for the ppl that everythin can b done as good as u did.... but there is certain things that noone can do as u do it one is the love that u give to each of us, which make us to b a better individual. second emm.... is ur sweetness... hehehehe and don forget the angryness that u had .... oppszzzz ...... well 27 years ago, u hav light the inspiration of many of us, specially ur family... todais agoust 27th, 27 years after u still lightin that magic to each one of us...... mayb in the next 27 years u can bring us much more.... umm not mayb, i noe u will ahora q tu nos esta dando lo mejor.... espero q lo sigas haciendo para q sigas haciendo tus panas y todos nosostros carteluamente felices... jojojojojo..... como siempre tu ha sido la ley, y la tremenda jeba d todos, quisas es por q tu tienes la dulcura de una chupeta, o la bella sonrisa como la mia. jejejeje..... 5comentarios. bueno mujer, creo q t voy a dejar por los momentos, jojojojojo ya me pinto. pah paizzzzz
William Low Wong
USA - Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 00:31:40 (CDT)
8/27/03 Today would have been Jenny's 27th birthday. We will always miss you and remember you!
Michelle <>
NY, NY USA - Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 17:34:22 (CDT)
I cant believe how time flies. I still remember clearly in back of my head when i heard the news and how shock i was, tears rushing out of my eyes no matter how i try to hold it in. Nothing but sadness that year...that year we all remember so clearly as September 11, 01 (9-11). As we approach another anniversary not to celebrate but to remember our lost ones i cant contain myself but to let my tears run again. A wonderful person full of motivation and dedication that made others wanted to catch up with her pace. Outgoing and hardworking, going to school and working part-time and still made time to hang out with friends. Thats the type of girl Jenny was. I'm sad that we had to lose her when this world needed more people like her. I'm even more upset that i didnt get to spend that day on your birthday at your house....Jenny, i miss you, we all miss you.
Tome <>
NY, NY USA - Monday, September 08, 2003 at 01:39:44 (CDT)
jenny is a wonderful friend. She always remembered to send you a birthday card and sent you an email once in awhile. She is someone you feel you can trust her with anything. I will always miss you, jenny...
jennifer huang <>
Hoboken, nj USA - Thursday, October 09, 2003 at 18:45:21 (CDT)
I never had the privilege of knowing Jenny, but I stumbled accross this site by accident (google search "fear of butterflies"). After viewing this site I feel as though I have come to know a piece of a person, to feel the reality of her life, and the her value to you and everyone she touched. I feel a sense loss and of feeling she was cheated out living out a wonderful life. I am hit with the reality that 2,998 other's family and friends feel the same. I do not know what you have been through, only a glimpse, but I know that you are lucky to have had such a great person in your life and that she was lucky to have had you. Her life on earth may have been short but I see she is alive in your hearts, and there she is immortal. Thank you for introducing me to a beautiful person, and for putting closer perspective on what the tragedy of 9/11 really meant. I will never forget this person that I never had the privilege to meet.
Jon <>
los angeles, CA USA - Tuesday, July 13, 2004 at 05:26:11 (CDT)
Anniversary where meant for good things not this time around...I am still sadden everytime i view the site but nonetheless am happy that mary is keepin your spirit alive here..happy 28th bday...once again i missed it cuz u aint here to celebrate it but through here i get to wish u the best and one day we all will meet again...we all miss you very much...RIP
Tom <>
Brooklyn, ny USA - Friday, September 10, 2004 at 00:21:37 (CDT)
happy birthday jenny...youre time flies its already were such a great person, i still miss you very much.